Ap.Setup Steps For WiFi Extender

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You can access Ap.setup only when your Wavlink extender is connected via wireless or wired to the device. Note that it is also possible to configure the AP new extender using WPS Extender Setup.

  • Connect the Extender to the socket.
  • Use your web browser to visit Ap.setup.
  • To sign in to the Ap Setup page, enter your username and password.
  • You can configure and manage your Wavlink extender once you have logged in.
  • Please contact our support team if http://ap.setup isn’t working.
  • During the initial Ap.setup, make sure the extender is near the router.


With a web browser like Google Chrome, Edge, or Firefox, you can access Ap.setup from any device. Connect your device to a repeater so you can connect to http://ap.setup without any problems. An alternate IP address for the Ap Setup page is For assistance with the AP setup web user interface, please contact our Ap support team, who are trained to assist.

Using Ap setup, you can configure your repeater as follows:

  • Plug the extender into the power outlet to turn it on.
  • Using your wireless device, connect to a wireless network such as WiFi_N or WiFi_AC.
  • You can use any web browser, such as Chrome, Safari, or Edge.
  • On the address bar, type Ap.setup or https://ap.setup.
  • The Ap.Setup dashboard should ask you to log in.
  • In order to make further Wavlink extender setup steps or changes, follow the instructions on the screen.
wavlink extender setup

Wavlink WiFi Extender Ap.Setup

The Wavlink Range Extender is an excellent tool to extend the range of your Wi-Fi network. With the Wavlink app, you can install your extender in a few simple steps.

Follow the step-by-step guide to configure Wavlink Range Extender:

  • Plug the Wavlink range extender into your router and follow the steps on the screen for initial configuration.
  • Open a web browser and type http://ap.setup and press enter to access the range extender web management page;
  • Select the “Setup” option from the top menu bar, then choose the WPS push button method to set up the WiFi Extender using Ap Setup Wizard
  • Press the “WPS” button on both devices until two lights blink alternately (the WLAN light will turn solid while blinking)
  • Wait until they go solid again before continuing with the step below.
  • Now you can connect your extender to your router with an Ethernet cable.
  • This is an important step as it will allow you to complete the installation and setup process.
  • As you complete this step, make sure that both devices are turned on and connected to the same network.
  • They should have an adequate power source for faultless operation.

AP Configuration For Wireless Extender

For AP configuration, plug in the range extender. Then, connect it to your router. To access the extender web management page, you will have to open a web browser. Type http://ap.setup and press enter to access the extender Ap.setup page.

When prompted, enter the username and password, then click OK to log in. The default username and password are admin. You will now see the AP.setup Wizard page on the display. If not, click on the Navigation pane on the left side of the screen. Click Next to proceed with the AP configuration process or Skip for later if you choose not to configure your new device. Then follow the below steps:

Step 1 – Choose Your Local Time Zone

In this step, you’ll choose the local time zone where you want to set up your extender. To set the time zone, click on Time Zone and select the most nearby location. If you are unsure of which time zone to choose, click on More Time Zone and enter the location. Click Next.

Step 2 – Choosing a Network Mode

Under Network Mode options, choose the network mode that you need to connect to your device. The options include:

ap setup wavlink
  • Create New Network – If you have never set up a wireless network from your extender before and want to start fresh.
  • Extend Existing Network – In case you are extending the range of an existing wireless network in your home or office.

If you want to set up a new wireless network from your extender, select Create New Network. On the other hand, if you want to extend the range of an existing wireless network, select Extend Existing Network.

Note: If you choose to Create a New Network, your extender will automatically be connected with any device that has been configured for connection in the same way that it was previously connected – for example, using WiFi Protected Setup (WPS) or setup through your smartphone or tablet’s web browser.

Step 3 – Name Your New Wireless Network

  • Click the Next button to continue.
  • Now you will see a window where you can type the name of your new wireless network (SSID).
  • Type a name for your new wireless network and click Next.
  • On this page, enter a password for your new WiFi extender.
  • Type in a password for your new WiFi extender.
  • Then click on the Next button to continue with the setup process of your WiFi range extender.

Now you can perform various tasks like setting up WiFi extenders, configuring network settings, resetting the device and much more from here.

Ap.setup Using A Mobile

How can I do Ap.setup Using A Mobile?

If you have recently purchased a WiFi extender, then this article is for you. We will help you with the Ap.setup installation of WiFi extenders using mobile devices. So let’s start now.

Turn on your WiFi extender

To set up your router, you’ll need to turn on your WiFi extender. If it’s not already powered on, plug in the power adapter and press the reset button for 5 seconds.

Once you connect your router to an Ethernet cable from a modem or network port, connect another Ethernet cable from the WAN port of your router to one of the LAN ports on your WiFi extender. Then plug an AC adapter into a wall outlet or insert batteries into its battery compartment. Plug this into a power source such as a USB port on a computer or laptop via a USB cable that came with it

Open the Browser

To complete the Ap.setup process for a WiFi extender, you need to open the browser on your mobile device and go to ap.setup. The WiFi extender should be connected to the same network as your mobile device. Enter all the information that the portal will ask for. For example, enter the admin username and password:

Do this If you Forgot Your Admin Credentials

If you have changed your admin username or password and forget it, then reset your Netgear WiFi extender to its factory default settings.

To reset the extender:

  • Hold down the Reset button for 5 seconds. It is located on the back of the device above the power port. The LED will blink orange 3 times and then turn off for about 10 seconds before turning solid green again. After this, wait for about 30 seconds more before using it again with a new network name and password

Now, connect to the _ext network

Once you are connected to the _ext network, click on Continue. The login page will appear on the screen. Next, enter your credentials and then proceed to configure an SSID or SSIDs (there would be one or more) for your WiFi extender. You can also enable WPS if needed as well as set up encryption options like Passphrase and Encryption type (TKIP/AES).

Once done with all these settings, save them by clicking on the Save Settings button at the bottom of the page. Connect one last time from your smartphone or tablet device using a wired Ethernet cable into ports 1-4 of the APS device without changing any other settings.

Log in

When you log in successfully, the setup wizard (wifi.wavlink.com) will appear on the screen. Choose your desired location for the Wifi extender setup and click next. The next screen is where you set up a new wireless network. You can either choose to create a new WiFi name and password or use what’s provided by your ISP (Internet Service Provider). If you opt to create a new one, just type it in the box that appears after clicking “Click here if you want to use custom settings”.

You can also change other settings like security settings using this tab. Just follow through with all necessary steps until arriving at the step which will ask you if there is an existing wireless network nearby that can be used as an AP (Access Point). Select yes or no depending on whether there is one nearby or not and click finish after doing so

Select the Name of Your Existing Wireless Router

Select the name of your existing wireless router and enter its Password then click next for further instructions. Your mobile will connect to a WiFi extender. You can now access all the settings on your PC or laptop via a WIFI connection with your phone or tablet.

After Configuring, your WiFi Extender is Ready to Use

Now that you have configured your extender, it is time to test it out and make sure everything is working correctly. The first thing you should do is connect to the internet using a WiFi device such as a laptop or phone. This will allow you to see if your extender’s configuration was successful. If there are any problems with the connection, try rebooting your extender by unplugging it for a few seconds and plugging it back in again. If this does not solve the issue, contact our customer service team

What to do if I Can’t Access Ap.setup?

If you’re having trouble accessing the Ap.setup for the WiFi EXTENDER setup page, there are a few things you can do to try to troubleshoot the issue.

Make Sure Your Computer and Your Extender Are Connected to the Same Network

To make sure that your computer and your Extender are connected to the same network, please follow the steps below:

Check the status of the Extender. If it is connected, but you still cannot access it through its IP address or through its Web interface, then it means there is a problem with your computer’s network settings. In this case, try to reset all of them by following these steps:

ap extender setup
  • Click on Start > All Programs > Accessories;
  • Right-click on Command Prompt;
  • Choose Run as administrator from the shortcut menu;
  • Type ipconfig /flushdns in this window and press Enter.
  • Restart your router or modem.
  • Try accessing AP.setup for Wi-Fi EXTENDER setup again after waiting approximately 20 seconds.

Make Sure Your Computer is Connected to the Correct Network

If you’re having trouble accessing the Ap.setup for WiFi EXTENDER, it’s possible that your computer is not connected to the correct network.

To fix this issue, try these steps:

  • Connect your computer to a Wi-Fi network. If it isn’t, connect it and make sure that you enter the correct password into the configuration utility.
  • Connect your computer directly to the router via an Ethernet cable (if available). If necessary, move closer to it until there is a stronger signal strength reading on the screen than before. Then restarting both devices may resolve this issue as well as other potential causes of problems like incompatible drivers or outdated firmware versions

Check the Default Gateway or IP Addresses

Make sure your computer only connects to the correct network. Check that your computer’s IP address and gateway addresses are correct. If they are not, you should change them manually. Or try to find out which ones have been assigned by the DHCP server on the local network. You can check whether your IP addresses are correct by using the Ping command in the Command Prompt window.

If none of these steps work for accessing an ap.setup, ask our team for help.

How to Perform AERIAL D4X -AX1800 AP.Setup

The AERIAL D4X -AX1800 AP is for users who want to extend their existing wireless network coverage. Or those looking for a complete solution for home or small office networking needs. Users can simply connect the device to an internet source and it will do all the work for them after executing these steps:

  • Plug in the power cord and connect the device to your PC/Laptop via Ethernet cable CAT-5/CAT-6.
  • Go to your web browser, and type Ap.Setup in the address bar.
  • Then press Enter key or click on Connect button to access AERIAL D4X -AX1800 AP’s control panel page.:
  • Before you connect to AERIAL D4X, check its status light indicator.
  • It should be turned ON displaying green color.
  • Enter the default username as admin, and the password is blank (empty).
  • You can change the username and password after setup.
ap wifi extender setup

Thereafter, the AP.setup Wizard will appear automatically to guide you through the quick setup of your new AERIAL D4X device. If it does not, click on “Network Setting” in the left-hand navigation bar and then click “Run Setup Wizard” on the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. On this screen, you choose your country and enter the local time settings for your location. Click Next to continue.

In this step, you can download and install the newest firmware for your device using the Firmware Upgrade option, or you can do this later if you like by clicking Skip. Finally, you will have to configure your internet connection and wireless settings. Congratulations! You have now successfully configured your AERIAL 4X device.

Ap.setup is Easy to Install

Now, you have all the knowledge you need to install a WiFi extender through AP.setup in your home or office. This product is incredibly useful because it allows people who live in areas with weak signal strength to connect to the internet with ease. However, if you’re using this device for the first time, you may encounter AP.setup errors. Feel free to reach us in such scenarios for help.

FAQs on Ap.setup

  • How do I put AP mode on my WiFi extender?
    • Connect your Wi-Fi extender to a power source, then connect it to your router using an Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi connection.
    • Make sure that the internet is connected and working properly on both devices..
    • Turn on the WiFi extender by pressing its power button or plugging it in if you have an external power adapter connected directly to it. You should see its status light blinking amber; this means that it’s booting up but not connected yet so don’t worry if nothing else happens right away!
  • How do you set up AP?
  • To set up an AP:
    • Connect the AP to a power source and connect it to your router using an Ethernet cable.
    • Open a browser, enter in the address bar, and press Enter to open the Linksys Smart Wi-Fi setup wizard.
    • On the next screen, click Next to continue with the setup process; then enter your password if prompted to do so.
  • What is the AP mode on the extender?
  • AP mode means that your extender will act as a wireless access point. When the AP mode is enabled, the extender will connect to your router via an Ethernet cable and then broadcast the WiFi signal throughout your home. This allows you to connect multiple devices to your WiFi network.
  • How do I connect my AP WiFi extender?
  • First, you will need to connect the WiFi Extender to your router. You can do this by following these steps
    • Press the WPS button on both devices for three seconds or longer until the LEDs light up in alternating red/green patterns.
    • Connect a LAN cable from one of the Ethernet ports on your router to one of the open LAN ports on your new WiFi Extender and then connect another LAN cable from another port on your new WiFi Extender back into an open port on your existing network router.