How to fix – Wavlink Extender Not Connected to Internet

wavlink extender not connected

Is your Wavlink extender not connecting to the internet? If your reply is yes, then you won’t have to worry anymore. We are here to help you fix it in just five minutes.

Let’s initiate the troubleshooting. First, understand

Reasons Behind Why This Issue Occurs

There are many reasons why extenders do not connect to the internet. See the list below.

  • The connection to the internet is not working correctly as it should.
  • Both the router and extender are not in range.
  • The extender is unable to receive the signal from the router.
  • The plug of an extender does not switch ideally.
  • Orange LED light does not see on the extender.

Now, you are aware of the reasons why your extender did not connect to the internet. It is now time to solve this problem.

Check Your Router And Modem

First of all, do not do anything, you have to check the status of your modem and router. If you don’t know how to check the status of the modem and router then follow these steps.

  • Launch a web browser on your mobile phone or on your computer that connects to the network.
  • Now type an IP address in the address box of the browser.
  • Now, enter the username and password of both the router and modem.
  • Select an option for cable connection to check the information on your mobile phone

Check All The Wired Connections

The wired connection is very important to connect your extender to the router. If you are facing no internet issues then we suggest you see all the wired connections and make sure they all are tightened up. Instead of this you should disconnect all the wires and connect all the wires again in the right port. In case, if you see any damaged wires then immediately replace them with new ones.

Update The Software Of An Extender

If the above method does not help you to resolve the issue of your Wavlink extender not connecting to the internet then we consider you to update the firmware of your wavlink WiFi extender. Outdated firmware of the extender drops the internet connection.

So make sure that your extender must be working on the latest firmware version. If not then update the firmware of your wavlink WiFi extender. If you don’t know how to update the software of an extender then follow these steps,

  • First, you have to go to the wavlink extender login portal.
  • Now you see the web page of wavlink on your screen.
  • Enter the required credentials in them such as username and password.
  • After doing it you will enter the settings of the wavlink extender.
  • Now download the latest firmware which you see on your screen.
  • After downloading, save it on a computer or desktop.
  • Permits Your extender to implement new changes.
  • Once doing this, updating the firmware of an extender is successfully done.

Range Between Extender And Router

You must understand that the connection between the extender and the router is essential if you want to solve an issue of internet connection then the range between the extender and router is not more than 10 to 15 feet.

This is because the extender gets signals from the router and extends them. For this reason, if you are facing no internet issue, then you can also check the location and range of the extender and put both of them closer to each other.

Check The Placement Of An Extender

Extender not connecting to the internet, an issue also occurs with the placement of an extender. Maybe your extender must be located near electrical gadgets, metal objects, or reflexive surfaces for example microwaves, refrigerators, Bluetooth speakers, mirrors, metal doors, cordless phones, etc.

These devices interfere with the WiFi signal which comes from the extender and leave you with a dropping internet connection. So make sure that you place your extender near the router but far away from these objects.

Power Cycle your extender

After trying all these methods if you are still facing an internet connection issue then you must try to power cycle your extender. Power Cycle means to turn off and on your wavlink WiFi extender. After turning off your extender, wait for a few seconds around 30 seconds, and after that seconds turn on your extender to see whether your extender connects to the internet or not.

If not then try this last method but not least.

Reset Your Wavlink Extender

Few Steps To Do Soft Reset Of An Extender

  • First of all, you have to take a small pin which just looks like a paper clip, and put that pin in the reset hole which is at the back side of an extender. Make sure that, don’t press the paper clip so much harder in the reset hole otherwise, it can damage your wavlink WiFi extender.
  • After that, hold it for 3 to 6 seconds, until you hear the sound just like a peal.
  • It means that your extender is completely and successfully reset.
  • Now put out a paper clip from the reset hole and wait for around 30 seconds before plugging it back because it will ensure that it does not cause any harm to hard components.
  • Now, turn on your device to see that the extender works properly as it should.

Note: Soft reset is the best way to fix the wavlink extender not connected to internet issues that may occur in your home. After the reset, your extender will ask you to set it up again if you want to know the perfect setup of an extender then go to the wavlink extender setup portal and follow their onscreen instructions.

In Short,

So these are reasons and solutions for the Wavlink extender not connecting to the internet and after reading this article we may hope you can solve your issue. If you are still having any doubts then feel free to discuss them with us.