How to Fix The Wavlink Router Blinking Red Light Easily?

wavlink router blinking red light

Wavlink router blinking red light indicates your router is unable to connect to your internet. It is a common issue that faces people in their homes and workplaces. They always search for how to fix the router blinking red light. So here we are going to discuss the steps which will help to solve the blinking light issues.

Reboot Wavlink Router

When the LED indicator flashes a red light on your router, firstly you should reboot your router. Your router’s red light starts blinking when it has some errors. It is common because many times we connect many devices with the wavlink router at the same time then it faces an error problem. So that’s why restarting is the first and most important step. With the help of rebooting you can solve blinking light issues by yourself in less time. You turn off your router for seconds and after that on the switch and wait for a while. After turning your router, give it a few seconds to stabilise the red light. If it is stable then your internet is working without any error.

Wavlink Router Blinking Red Light – Upgrade The Firmware

Many times indicators flash red light during upgrading the firmware. It is important because if your firmware is not upgraded the router survives errors. But wavlink router designs with automatic upgrade option. After rebooting your router you see blinking light then a chance to the firmware is in the upgrading process. Wait for a while and check it again.


Another major reason is overheating of the router. It is working 24/7 without break. So that’s why overheating is a common issue. When the wavlink router blinking red light then touch it and turn it off for a few seconds. Wait until the router cools down. If the router cools then your internet works properly without flashing light.

Wavlink Router Blinking Red Light – Check The Wires

People don’t heed the wires but it can be a major reason behind slow internet or no internet. When a red light starts blinking, it can damage wires.. You Check the wires and replace the damaged ones. In addition, make sure the cable connects tightly and in the right port because it can cause slow internet and blinking red light. If you replace the cables then make sure to purchase the best quality.

Check Lights in Ethernet Ports

If your modem is online and the solid blue indicator bit your router continuously blinking or solid red, it means virtually issues with modem-router connection. when you look behind the modem then you find an ethernet cable that connects it to the modem. Install properly and plug the cable in the orange “ethernet” port on the modem and the yellow internet port on the router. When the cable is working properly, you have to look at both ports flickering yellow or white. Now  your ethernet  cable is ready to transmit data easily

Wavlink Router Blinking Red Light – Check Modem is Online

The router flashes a red light when the modem is online and a solid blue light. If a modem flashes a red light, it means your network is not working. If you are n dilemma then we give a quick explanation about the difference of router and modem-

Modem: It connects to the coaxial jack in your wall.

Router: It generates WiFi networks.

Factory Reset of The Router

The factory reset button is available on the back of your wavlink router. Do not complete the factory reset button until you are not sure about wifi settings again. It is not a simple process but also not technical. Firstly, find the admin panel then enter the password, and reconnect your device.

 It is a very clear-cut process and solves the wavlink router blinking red light issue. It is caused in older routers due to viruses, malicious access attempts by bots, and other “dust of time” that isn’t solved with a simple rebooting process.

In Summarise

Blinking a red light on a router is a common issue that everyone may face in their life. So if you also face the same kind of problem with your router then read the article attentively and follow the fixing steps of the router blinking red light .