Power LED Blinking On Wavlink Router. Fix It!

wavlink router

Though the different LEDs on the router notify you about its working, what if you start getting the power LED blinking on Wavlink router? Surprisingly, there can be a problem with the electrical socket or the router itself that you might not be able to recognize and solve. But, we have some valuable tips that you can try out to get the error clear easily and quickly.

Usual Causes For Blinking LED

In most cases, the problem is with the electrical power socket to which the router is attached. In the other case, your router might start malfunctioning due to some technical glitch. Also, there can be another reason behind this error, which can be unidentified. Recognizing the source of the errors can be difficult for you if you are literally a non-technical person, and resolving them can be too. But, try to identify the reasons by using these tips so that you can apply relevant solutions to your router.

Damaged Power Outlet

As we mentioned earlier the main power socket can be broken which is why the router is unable to get a stable supply. There will be any internal harm to the socket. To remove this issue, try using a different power outlet this time and plug the router into it. After plugging it in, turn the switch ON and verify the power LED on the router, as it must be stable now. If this does not become stable still, then use another solution from below.

Cracked Power Cable

Check the cable condition if your router is plugged into the outlet using a power cable. The power cable might have a sign of a tear or wear on it or can be cracked from between if the LED is still blinking. Check the cable and replace it with a new one if you find that fractured.

If you are still unable to remove the error, then check the adapter to which the cable is connected. You will be required to replace the adapter if the error is within that. Here it is advisable to use the original power adapter to provide an uninterrupted power supply to the router.

Router’s Technical Error

If the power socket and adapter are working properly and the issue still keeps occurring, then check the router’s working. In fact, try rebooting the router once as this can help you a lot to fix the blinking light. Another reason can be the overheating of the router due to its continuous usage. So just leave the router unplugged for some time and meanwhile, disconnect the modem and device from the network too. Later, plug the router into another power socket and use a different location for its placement. Doing so will make you successful in getting the power LED solid.

Check The Connectivity

The weak connection between the router and the extender can make the router’s power LED blink. Check if the router is connected to the extender or not, and also make sure to check both devices’ placement. The greater the distance between the router and the modem, the weaker the connection. In other words, your router must not be too far and too close to the modem. So place the router halfway in your house for better coverage and signals.

In addition, verify whether the router is getting in touch with your house appliances and other metallic items. Which involves Bluetooth devices, cordless phones, baby monitors, fish aquariums, ovens, and so on. As all these materials absorb and interfere with the internet signals and can cause the Power LED to blink. So, try to avoid these things to get in touch with your Wavlink router.

External Users On The Network

The router’s blinking LED and malfunctioning can be caused by the congested and crowded network. It might be happening, that some unauthorized users are making the network sluggish. This is why the router is showing the blinking light constantly. In this condition, it is necessary to change the router’s password to log out of those external devices. Here we reckon you to choose a strong password to set up for the network so that it will be hard to guess. You must do this password and network name-changing process often to keep the network safe and prevent hackers.

Obsolete Firmware Version Of The Router

If your router is running on an outdated version of the firmware, then the LED on it will surely start blinking. So, it is critically important to keep it up-to-date every time. To do this, get the latest version of the firmware from the Wavlink AC1200 setup page and choose the file accordingly. Afterward, select the Firmware Update option and execute the process till the end. But, keep the PC and router on while doing this process. After doing this, reboot the router once and see the power light on it.

Reset The Router

If the above-mentioned tips won’t work for your router’s error, then reset the router and configure it again. As there can be faulty configured settings that you made earlier. To do this, you can choose any option from two reset processes.

Factory Reset On Web Portal

In this method, you will require to visit the web management portal of the router. Access the page on any web browser and select the wireless settings option. Then, search for the Factory Default option and click on it to perform the reset process. Wait for a few minutes till the process is complete and later you will need to do the Wavlink router setup again.

Push The Router’s Reset Button

On the contrary, you can press the router’s reset button from its panel. Check the reset light on the router as it will also start blinking during the process. Wait for the light to become solid and stable as this sign will indicate to you about the process completion. After the process is finished, do the Wavlink AC600 setup using the WPS button or on the web portal.

Check The LED Indications In The Manual Guide

If none of the above-mentioned tips work for your router’s error, then your router might be damaged internally. Which can’t be resolved sometimes instead that requires a replacement. But, before doing this, check the router’s manual setup guide to get to know about the LED’s different indications. The distinct LED signs and details on the router’s panel will be included in that guide.

After going through that, you will definitely be able to identify the particular reason behind the malfunction. So, check the guide once and apply these troubleshooting tips to the router. If you are unable to get the light stable, then opt to replace it and buy a new router for your house. But, keep in mind to set up the router using the LED guide this time, so that there will be no difficulty in the process and after that.

We anticipate that these points are enough for you to resolve the Power LED blinking error from the router. If you still look for more help, then don’t hesitate to reach out to our Wavlink Technical Experts immediately. Make a call right away to directly talk to them or send your queries by mailing them.