Wavlink Router vs Range Extender: Which One is Right for You?

wavlink router

Working on a router to get high-speed internet? Many users keep on writing to us on the same so no worries. As there will be many problems but we are up with a number of solutions.

Some Of The Features Of Wavlink Routers

The internet is an important source of entertainment in life so keeping it running Wavlink Setup is a must. As TV was the only source in the past life. But now the internet has taken that part, and it is true saying that technology has taken its wings. In essence, sometimes bad weather or other conditions can make it work slowly.

Slow Network Connection

The obvious reason behind your phone, PC, or laptop is slow because you are on a slow, weak network. Maybe you are on a slow network. When other apps hog the bandwidth on your device it will definitely hit the speed and make it slow for sure. You can vary the speed, from different perspectives.

Viruses And Malware

Update the antivirus and make regular updates on antivirus software. And make sure to reboot the router. If your router isn’t working then it’s worth rebooting your router. Clearing the malware is the only solution to this problem.

It is worth clearing specific malware as some malware is designed to damage the server and devices as well. VPN filter and malware affects more than half a million of the country.

Check The Steps And Follow Them:

  • Do you need a new router, this is important to do because as long as the old router will be at work the problem will arise. As the configuration of the old router will not perform well at all. New models are having new features which will give the highest speeds.
  • But an old router could also work efficiently if the router is updated. You can easily update the apps by visiting the manufacturer’s website of the device. It helps in fixing the additional functionality as well.

Setup Without wifi.wavlink.com

The Wavlink Extender is a one-touch setup option that is very easy and fast. It surely would not take any more time than 5 minutes to complete the setup process. method. It is a WPS Setup, WiFi-Protected Setup. Wavlink calls it a one-touch setup because the actual reason behind this is that only one touch from the user’s end can complete the setup. You do not need to visit wifi.wavlink.com. As a user change the Login credentials from the web portal or keep handy the login credentials. The “WPS” button is only once, the extender will automatically find the nearest available network and connect to it.

Plug In The Extender

Just verify if there is any working power source within the room you wish to install the extender and after that connect the extender’s power wire to the power outlet. Just watch it if the cable wire is not broken or chopped from anywhere.

Place The Extender Near The Router

The gap between the router and the extender matters a lot. So, that must not be more than 20 ft. It is crucial for better connection. If the gap between both devices is more than 20 feet, then a successful connection between both will be next to impossible.

Push The WPS Button

Now, locate the WiFi-Protected setup (WPS) button on your Wavlink Extender and then push it gently. Thereafter, wait for a while and then just see the WPS button on the router and press it within 2 minutes.

Your Extender Is Configured Successfully

When you are done with these simple steps, you should not need to do anything except for waiting for the WPS light on the extender to turn solid green. The router will automatically find your extender’s network and connect to them within seconds.

Steps To Login To Wavlink Range Extender

Follow the below steps to log in to the Wavlink Range Extender.

  • Open the web browser, if you have successfully connected to the WiFi network.
  • Attach your extender to your computer or mobile.
  • Now, connect the WiFi to the extender and finally connect it to your mobile or computer.
  • Besides that, on your mobile or your computer open the WiFi and search for ‘wavlink _ext’ WiFi network. Finally, connect the extender to the WiFi network.
  • On your web browser enter the URL http://wifi.wavlink.com or
  • A login page will visibly open to you.
  • As a result, enter the login details into the login form.
  • Henceforth, the ID and password are successfully entered
  • As a result, you will find that you are successfully logged into the dashboard of the Wavlink Range Extender. You can now change the settings and easily use the extender that you extended.
  • But if you feel like changing the password, security network, or name you are free to do that in boarding the settings again.

Note: You can easily know the features and the working of the router and the extender. By reading this article but if you have some confusion then you can take the next step. As configuration matters a lot.

Reset The Factory Store:

If you are up for a great 2 minutes Setup, then just find the reset button. After you find it, press it hard and wait for the lights. Green and Blue Lights on the Extender are a signal of good connection. Red, therefore, is for the poor. The factory reset setting will allow you to change the settings in a new way.

Note: However, some routers are compatible to spread out the ranges in the whole house. But, an extender is necessary to extend the ranges from one point to another for good signals.


We hope the way or the guide we have provided is enough for you to Set Up the extender and router. In addition, you have also grabbed the knowledge easily to get over your confusion about which one is best for you.