Troubleshooting Guide: Wavlink Router Blinking Red Light Issue Demystified

wavlink router blinking red light

Wavlink Router Blinking Red and Not Working: Wavlink is an established name in this Internet Era. It offers a variety of wireless Wi-Fi network connections faster than most of the network devices available in the market. Although Wavlink provides a simpler and easier process to operate, it can show a few errors sometimes. If you are looking for a troubleshooting blog for various issues that can occur while using a Wavlink extender or router then you have found the right place.

Various Common Issues

Wavlink is renowned for its troubleshooting service. Every technology and machine faces issues and malfunctions at some point. So you don’t need a perfect technology because that is impossible, you need a technology that resolves its issues as soon as it occurs. Wavlink is a celebrated name when it comes to internet services. But it also faces issues sometimes. The point is that Wavlink provides assistance and eliminates the hurdles as soon as possible. It provides a complete guide to frequently faced issues and their solutions.

Different Kinds of Lights And Their Meanings

Most frequently asked questions are always related to the lights of the Wavlink router like Why is my Wavlink router blinking red and not working? Different lights stand for different situations in the Wavlink Router. It simply indicates the working performance of your internet connection so that you don’t have to wonder at times why your internet is slow or why it is not working.

Solid Blue LightSolid blue light means that your connection is strong and the internet is working perfectly fine
Yellow LightIt means your internet connection is not at its best speed but it is fast enough to keep your tasks working.
Red lightRed light means your internet is not working because your router is far from your host device.
Red/Green LightIf your router blinks red and green lights constantly, you do not have an internet connection. There can be two reasons for that. Either your modem is completing auto-configuration or your device is facing some technical issue. You are advised to wait for a few moments. If this keeps on going then you should call for a technical expert and ask for assistance.

Why is My Wavlink Router Blinking Red and Not Working?

This is the most common question in the Wavlink troubleshooting. As mentioned above, different lights have different meanings. All the lights except red do not demand urgent action.

  • Wait and Observe – If your router blinks constantly, you should wait for a few seconds as your modem may be doing auto-configuration. If this is the case then your router will stop blinking red and switch to solid blue or yellow light.
  • Call For Assistance – You can also call for technical assistance in case the light doesn’t stop blinking and you do not have a network connection. Our Support Team will assign you an expert who will listen to your problem and
  • Try To Reset – If in any case, you are not able to contact our Support Team then you can try resetting your modem.

How To Reset Your Device

Resetting your device is very simple. You can do it anytime when your internet stops working and you have tried other options. Calling our Support Team will be the best option though. But knowing the process of resetting is important.

  • Press the power button on your device for 5 to 6 seconds.
  • Wait for a few seconds.
  • Now check the LED light if it turns solid blue, yellow, or red.
  • If it turns solid blue or yellow then you are ready to use your internet again. But if it turns red or green again then you would need to call for expert assistance.

What To Do After Resetting

Resetting your device gives it a head start for a better internet connection. It works like refreshing your page. You have to log in and set it up again though. It’s a simple process that doesn’t take much time.

Login and Setup

You must have your SSID and password as it’s your second time Logging in. But if you do not then check the label of your Wavlink device.

  • Enter your SSID and password in the login interface and click on Login.
  • If you are operating from your computer then go to your Wi-Fi settings and click on search.
  • Your Wavlink router name will appear in a few seconds. If not then try to enter the name manually. Click on Connect when you see the router name

Now you are all set to use your Wavlink router again. The kinds of Wavlink router blinking red and not working errors are very common as Wavlink is a machine only. But the good thing is that Wavlink provides you with full assistance and information regarding their products. So you do not have to worry about anything. Our Support Team is one of the best features we have. All the members are known for their expertise and friendly approach. You just have to reach out to us and your problem will be solved in a few moments.