7 Tips for Maximizing Your Wavlink Extender Performance


By doing the Wavlink extender setup process you can quickly boost the range of main router WiFi signals. Read the information below to enjoy all the benefits of this Wavlink extender gadget. Now, let’s jump into the process!

Location Of Your Wavlink Extender

The intensity of your WiFi extender signals may vary depending on where you place it. You don’t need to place your router close to your modem if you have one. A high spot in your neighborhood is where your WiFi extension should be placed. Here are some short methods for getting strong WiFi signals on your Wavlink WiFi extender.

  • Place your extension in the middle of your house. If you position your extender in a wall corner, it won’t be able to distribute the signals far.
  • Maintain the vertical orientation of your router’s antenna. They can keep in a horizontal posture, but for optimal function, they should be vertical.
  • Your router and extender should be placed close to but not on the floors. You will then receive strong Wavlink WiFi signals.
  • Install A Mesh Wireless Network

    A single router cannot deliver a powerful enough Wifi connection to cover the entire area, regardless of how big or expensive it is. Installing a mesh Wifi connection, which consists of several satellite and main routers and both provide the fastest WiFi coverage, is the most popular solution to this problem. There are numerous mesh WiFi systems on the market now from companies like Orbi, Asus, Google, etc which can be configured easily by visiting the web-based setup page of the device.

    Power Cycle Your Device

    Initially, you must deactivate your Wavlink WiFi extender. Take a moment to relax. Then, switch it back on. A steady green light then emanates from your extension and the device will start working well now.

    Alternate the Frequency Band

    Two bands are present. 2.4GHz and 5GHz are the first and second respective frequency bands. We’ll go through the way the two bands are different from one another now. If you possess a double or even tri-band extender, you can instantly move your gadget from the 2.4GHz frequency to the 5GHz channel when it is possible.

    And the slower 2.4GHz band is used by many smart home gadgets. On the other hand, the 5GHz band is much faster than the 2.4GHz band. It can be used to attach gadgets such as smartphones, LED tv, laptop, etc. Go to the Wavlink extender login page to check the band if you are not sure which frequency band you are using.

    Unplug A few devices

    The Wavlink extender can be too busy to receive new requests if you use many computers or devices. You should immediately unplug any additional WiFi devices that link to the network.

    Adjust The Wireless Channel Width

    Have you ever thought about how to set up your router to perform at its best? You may experience quicker internet by using these settings. Your network’s channel width may fluctuate. The channel width can be changed to produce the appropriate router setup. Reduce the channel width as much as you can to get rid of interference. Another possibility is that the WiFi channel’s interference will increase with increasing channel width.

    Updating The Firmware On Your WiFi Extender

    If your WiFi extender is out-of-date, there will be issues with slow WiFi and safety. So make sure you regularly update the firmware on your WiFi extension. Your bandwidth can increase and your device will update, making it operate like new. As a result, you should use the Wavlink extender IP,, to go to the settings page of the Wavlink WiFi range extender. Now find an administration option and under that option tap on the software upgrade option. In the end, wait for a while to download the firmware file on your laptop and computer. Hence, with the assistance of this method, you can easily boost the performance of the Wavlink WiFi range extender.

    Note: After trying all the above tips, if you are unable to improve the performance of your Wavlink extender device, then we suggest you follow the below last method.

    Reset The WiFi Extender From Wavlink

    It is, to put it simply, the simplest method of resetting the Wavlink WiFi extender. Try these suggestions for this strategy.

    First, locate the Wavlink WiFi extender’s reset button, which is primarily hidden behind the extender. Next, insert a paperclip into the reset hole button with your finger. Avoid pressing the reset hole button too firmly because doing so could damage your extension. For 8 to 10 seconds, press and hold the reset hole button.

    Your Wavlink Wireless repeater will reset itself immediately following this.

    Note: The Wavlink extender setup must perform once again, after doing the reset. If you don’t know enough about configuration, think about taking the following actions:

    Configuring Procedure Of Wavlink WiFi Repeater

    The Wavlink WiFi extender installation process can be carried out using one of three techniques.

    Configuration Through WPS Method

    The wavlink extender’s power plug must first be inserted into the power outlet. Press the WPS button on the Wavlink extension right away, or the router’s WPS button two minutes later. Ensure that the extender and router are both situated in the same space; otherwise, your internet connection may have poor speeds.

    Wait a few minutes after hitting the WPS button for the router and extender to both have a solid green LED. As a result, your extender joins the router successfully.

    Installation Via Web Address

    Then, attach an antenna to the Wavlink extender, and plug it into a wall socket using the power plug. You can now join the Wavlink extender network with your wireless device. Then open a web browser and enter ap.setup into the address bar. Now, fill out the login form with all of your information. Also, it takes a few minutes for the Wavlink extender to reboot and take effect on all the new settings. The last step is to remove the extender’s plug from the outlet. After that, set it where you can see the internet’s poor speed.

    Setup By Ethernet Cable

    First, connect the long Ethernet wire to the extender’s Ethernet port at one end. Afterward, connect the cable’s opposite end to the router’s ethernet port. Remove your machine from the WiFi network after that. Now, open a web browser and type wifi.wavlink.com, which is the wavlink extender’s official ID, into the HTML bar. The Wavlink extender should directly connect to the router by following the directions on the screen.

    Note: You can go to the Wavlink extender login page after the wavlink extender is configured if you want to modify any parameters, such as the password, the internet speed, the frequency bands, etc.

    After reading this article, we hope you’ll be able to solve your issue using just one way. And learn all about how to set up a Wavlink extension. After this process, if you find any problem then discuss it with us. By calling +1-408-477-8750 or mailing to support@wavlinkwiifi.com. Stay connected if you want more of this kind of update.